Approved: PMDL Board 10/3/2017.                                        Pere Marquette District Library


The purpose of the Library’s Rules of Behavior in the public sectors is to protect the rights of
individual who are in the library to use Library materials and/or services, to protect the
rights of staff members to conduct Library business without interference, and to preserve
Library materials and facilities.
According to Michigan Statutes, the District Library Board may exclude from the use of the
Library any and all persons who shall willfully violate such reasonable rules and regulations
as the District Library Board may adopt (MCL 397.206) Such exclusion from this Library
shall occur on the orders of the Director or Director designee. In this document,
withholding of library privileges’ is defined as meaning that an individual may not enter or
use the Library.
The Pere Marquette District Library hereby adopts the Rules of Behavior attached to this
declaration of policy, and directs the Library Director to institute the necessary proceedings
for enforcement. The Library Director is further authorized to propose additional Rules of
Behavior to the Board as the need may arise.

It is the policy of the Pere  Marquette District Library:

     1. To require that patrons wear shirts and shoes, or other footwear, at all times in
the Library for hygiene and safety purposes. Exceptions to this rule may be
made for patrons under the age of 3 years old.

     2. To prohibit the disturbance of other library patrons and staff, or interfere with
other library patrons’ or staffs use of the facilities through the use of profanity,
vulgar language/behavior, and extremely poor personal hygiene.

     3. To prohibit running in library and the use of roller blades, roller skates or
skateboards on Library property. This shall also include bringing bicycles into the
Library building or parking bicycles in such a manner that they obstruct patrons
entering or exiting the Library.

     4. To prohibit all campaigning, petitioning, interviewing, survey taking, soliciting,
sales or other speech or conduct, which results in the disruption of normal library

     5. To prohibit gambling on Library property.

     6. To prohibit the use of photography, film or television equipment without the
prior permission of the Director or Director designee.

     7. To prohibit the presence of Library users in Library offices and other non-public
areas, unless approved by a Library staff member, or through prior arrangement
with the Director.
Approved: PMDL Board 10/3/2017. Pere Marquette District Library

     8. To prohibit sleeping in the Library for an extended period of time so that Library
materials and services are accessible to everyone.

Violation of Code of Conduct are subject to suspension of library privileges.


    ONE verbal warning, if behavior continues, library staff will ask the patron
to leave for the day.

     Level 1 suspension will be documented in the security log

Subsequent Violations: The Director, Assistant Director or authorized designee, may
further limit or suspend the patron’s library privileges in escalating responses, which will be
documented in writing. Subsequent violations of the same rule will result in additional
suspensions of increasing length.

The Pere Marquette District Library reserves the right to issue an Order of Trespass for one year
without prior violation(s) depended on the circumstances.

Appeal Process:
An appeal for an Order of Trespass can be submitted to the Board of Trustees in writing
within 14 days of the violation. The appeal will be presented to the Board of Trustees at
their next regularly scheduled meeting.

The decision of the PMDL Library Board of Trustees is final.

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