Getting a Library Card

1. Identification – In order to obtain a library borrower’s card, an individual must show some piece of identification that has both a name and the individual’s current address. Acceptable pieces of identification include any of the following: 

a. Driver’s license 

b. State-issued identification card 

c. Lease or rent receipt 

d. Utility bill (electric, gas, telephone) 

e. Property Tax bill 

3. Eligibility 

a. District residents: All residents of the PMDL, whose boundaries are the City of Clare, Grant Township, Wise Township and Vernon Township, are eligible for library cards without charge. 

b. Property or Business owners: Persons owning property or a business in the library district are eligible for a library card without charge. Proofs of ownership as well as identification are required. If the business owner also residents in the boundaries of the PMDL – the business owner can designate their business library card to one employee. One business card is issued per business. 

c. MelCat Visiting patrons: Patrons from libraries who participate in the MeCat visiting patron program may use the MelCat Visiting Patron system to borrow items directly from PMDL. 

d. Non-residents: Non-residents may purchase cards on an annual basis or six month basis, with the same privileges as a resident card. The fee allows each member of a household to have a library card. The card’s expiration date will be based on the date of payment, and may be renewed at any time after the expiration date upon payment of another fee. Fees charged to non-resident members will be set by the library’s Board of Trustees subject to review. The current non-resident fee is $100.00 per household annually. 

3. Application – Individuals who provide the identification above and who complete a library card application will be issued a library borrowers card. Cards must be applied for and applications signed by the person in whose name the card will be issued. 

4. Patrons relocating to District. If a patron relocates from a partner library service area (Chippewa River District Library, Coleman Area Public Library or Surrey Township Public Library) your previous library record will be updated to the Pere Marquette District Library. 

4. Minors A minor is defined as an individual under the age of 18 years, unless determined otherwise by a court order. A parent, guardian, or other adult must sign a minor’s application for a library card, accepting responsibility for items borrowed, lost or damaged by the child. The Responsible Party must have a valid PMDL library card and must be a library card holder in good standing. 

4. Cost – All initial library borrowers cards are free. If a library card must be replaced for any reason, a fee of $2.00 shall be charged. 

6. Verification – Verification of patron account information may take place at random before materials are checked out. Verification may include asking to confirm current address information, date of birth, or telephone number. 

7. Property – All library cards are the property of the Pere Marquette District Library and may be revoked for cause. 

9. Location – All library cards issued by the Pere Marquette District Library are valid at any of the library system’s locations or applicable partners of the IC More Shared Catalog or MelCat. 

10. Notification – The patron must notify the library promptly of a change of address, 

or when her/his borrowers card is lost or stolen. 

11. Responsibility – By accepting possession of a library borrower’s card, the patron (or 

her/his legal guardian) agrees to accept responsibility for all materials borrowed on this card, including all overdue fines and fees for lost or damaged materials. 

12. Check Out: Library users must present their library card each time they wish to check out any materials. 

Approved: October 4, 2012 

Revised: February 14, 2013 

Revised: March 7, 2013 

Pere Marquette District Library Board

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