Public Access Workstation User Policy

Pere Marquett District Library 

The Library’s Mission Statement recognizes that information resources encompass a
broad range of materials, including print, non-print and electronic media. The Library
makes available to the public a variety of electronic information resources, including the
Internet, online catalogs of other libraries, and other databases made available by the
Access Michigan project. Free access is available within the Library.

The Internet and the other electronic library resources offer access to a wealth of
information that can be personally, professionally and culturally enriching. The Library
will guide linkage to Internet sources, which are consistent with the Library ‘s mission
and roles. However, the Internet is a cost, unregulated information network which
enables access to ideas, information images and commentary that are beyond the confines
of the Library’s mission and collection development policies. Access points on the
Internet can and do change often, rapidly and unpredictably.

Users are cautioned that ideas, points of views and images can be found on the Internet
which are controversial, divergent, inaccurate and/or inflammatory. The provision of
access does not mean or imply that the Library endorses or sanctions the content or point
of view of any of the information or commentary, which may be found on the Internet

The Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from its
connections to the Internet. The Library makes no guarantee, either express or implied,
with respect to the quality or content of the information available on the Internet

User Responsibilities

Responsible, courteous use of the Internet system includes:

• Recognizing that the Internet, like all of the Library’s information sources, must be
shared and used in a manner which respects the rights of others and refrains from
activity that prevents others from also using it.

• Using the Library’s Internet resources for educational, informational, and recreational
purpose only. Commercial transactions are not permitted.

• Respecting the intellectual property rights by making only authorized copies of
copyrighted, licensed or otherwise-controlled software or data residing on the

• Respecting the privacy of others by not misrepresenting oneself as another user; by
not attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to
others; and by not seeking disallowed access to any computer system via the Internet.

• Refraining from damaging or altering the setup of Library-owned equipment used to
access the Internet.

• Refraining from damaging or altering software or data residing on the Internet.

• Refraining from the deliberate propagation of computer worms or viruses.

• Refraining from the
transaction of threatening, harassing, explicit or abusive language
and images. The language below will be printed on signage, adjacent to the Internet

• Refraining from saving/loading/installing files/programs/information to the hard
drives of all public access workstations.

Compliance with Library Policy and Guidelines
In addition to this policy, Library staff may establish guidelines to assure fair and
equitable access to all Internet-related public access equipment. Such guidelines may
include, but may not be limited to: sign-up sheets and time limitations. Illegal
activity involving the Library’s Internet resources will be subject to prosecution by
the appropriate authorities.

Violation of these regulations may result in the suspension or loss of
the privilege to use these resources

Public Workstation Procedures:

Access is available on a first-come, first-served basis. People logging in with a valid HDL
library card will get one 120 minute session each day. Patrons can request an additional 30
minute extension of time if the workstation is not reserved by another patron. Guest passes
will be issued to non-card holders. A guest pass provided one 60 minute session daily. The
library staff has the authority to grant or reduce access time based on over-all user demand.

Because space is limited and increased noise from group conversations is disruptive to
others, no more than two people may gather at one workstation, except for an adult working
with children.

Simultaneous use of two or more workstations is prohibited. Users may not abandon
machines for any length of time without the chance of them being claimed by the next user.

Printing: Documents can be printed. Black & white prints are twenty cents (.20) each.
Patrons may print color pages costing one dollar ($1.00) per sheet. Printing fees must be
paid on account before copies will be released to the printer. Guest users must pre-pay for all
copies printed.

The general public access workstations will be available for use during all of the hours the
library is open. All workstations will be turned off 15 minutes before closing.

Public workstation user logs are cleared on a daily basis.

A responsible adult over the age of eighteen must accompany children, below the
fourth grade.

Parents and caregivers may determine that some electronic information is not
appropriate for their children. Parents need to be actively interested in and
responsible for supervision of their children’s online use of the Internet and other
electronic sources. Parents are encouraged to discuss the use of the Internet in
relation to family values and boundaries with their children and to monitor their
children’s use of the Internet

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